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Q. Which fruit is native to North America?
The Strawberry
The Passionfruit
The Blueberry

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Earth Wise cartons are certified as recyclable. Many local municipalities collect cartons in specified bins along with other recyclable materials. Visit www.recyclecartons.com and check with your local recycling coordinator to learn more about recycling locations and procedures in your immediate area.

Which is Your Favorite Flavor?
Passionfruit Aloe
Pomegranate Blueberry
Watermelon Supreme
Strawberry Kiwi
Orange Carrot Mango
Berry Meadow
Harvest Select
Orchard Reds

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Recipes & Tips
  Melonade Relax in the summer sun
with this fun drink combining
some of Earth Wise’s
premium flavors!
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Pomegranate Blueberry Smoothie
SmoothiePomegranates are rich with
antioxidants, which help
prevent cancer and speed
healing. But don’t forget that
they taste delicious too...
View Recipe
How Do I Eat a Pomegranate?
SmoothieStep-by-step instructions on
how to eat a pomegranate!
View instructions



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Coloring Book
Kids! Get your creative juices flowing (no pun intended) with these fun, fruit-filled coloring pages! Download PDF
Q. What fruit has its seeds on the outside?
The Passionfruit
The Strawberry
The Blueberry