“It's reassuring knowing that your children are drinking juice that is so good for them.”
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Eco Achive
Earth Wise’s packaging is made from materials that are intended to be recycled after use. Most municipalities participate in these recycling programs.
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              About Earthwise

Health-conscious consumers can be spotted in grocery stores everywhere, reading food and beverage labels, while searching for the newest, healthiest and most natural ingredients.

Earth Wise aimed to create a fruit juice beverage to appeal to those consumers and give them a simple, yet delicious way to enjoy a variety of refreshing flavors, complete with an impressive dose of real fruit juice. But why stop there? With so many environmentally-conscious consumers searching for all-natural ingredients and recyclable packaging, Earth Wise decided to create a line of entirely natural fruit juice beverages that are good for both the consumer and the environment. That’s how Earth Wise was born.

In addition to producing a high-quality beverage made with only all-natural ingredients, Earth Wise feels obligated to treat the Earth right. That’s why Earth Wise uses eco-friendly manufacturing processes and highly recyclable, environmentally friendly packaging.

Earth Wise is always searching for new ways to reduce its carbon footprint.

Johanna Foods
A leader in the beverage industry, Johanna Foods, Inc., is a privately held company that produces Tree Ripe juices, La Yogurt, La Yogurt Sabor Latino, and Ssips products.

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